Our mission

Revolution Medicine, Health & Fitness is a membership-based specialty practice on a mission to provide a comprehensive, affordable, and accessible weight loss solution to all, through an innovative technology-driven platform, integrating evidence-based weight loss medicine, a preventive approach to individual health, and personalized nutrition and fitness.

About us

Dr. Michael L. Glickman, MD, is a double board-certified family medicine and obesity medicine physician who has been practicing since 2013, and founded Revolution Medicine in 2021.

Revolution was born from the idea that there is something missing in the US health care system, which has been designed to treat disease rather than prevent it. Nearly three-quarters of adults are overweight, yet doctors have little time to promote wellness, with limited advice beyond "eat less, exercise more."


We are working to correct the imbalance by creating a holistically tailored program for you that considers the whole person, mind and body, to promote weight loss, and prevent and reverse chronic disease.​

Revolution fuses the best worlds of western allopathic medicine with functional/integrative medicine, by using safe evidence-based weight loss medications, and treating the body using the healing power of nutrition. We are also proud to be one of the only weight loss practices in the DMV that accepts commercial insurance and Medicare. We are currently serving patients in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, at several convenient office locations, and through our modern telemedicine platform, which uniquely allows us to better integrate into our patients' busy lives.