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Christina Major

Christina Major

Christina is a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and a passionate advocate for plant-based living. She practices a “food as medicine” approach, using cooking as an attainable, and enjoyable way to encourage clients to heal their bodies with nutrient-dense meals. Christina is a compassionate coach and self-taught chef dedicated to help clients reach their health goals sustainably.

With an emphasis on gut-health, Christina works closely with her clients to develop custom-tailored nutrition plans that prioritize plant diversity. She has a deep understanding of the interplay between nutrition, immunity, and the mind-gut connection and coaches the importance of gut-friendly foods, mindfulness, and movement.

Christina promotes healthy eating by facilitating community workshops on nutrition, meal prep and planning tips, sourcing seasonal produce, and navigating the grocery store. Inspired by the endless possibilities of plant-based cuisine and a holistic approach to wellness, Christina empowers her clients to take charge of their own health. By sharing delicious custom recipes, simple lifestyle advice, and knowledge of using food as fuel, she enables others to lead their own journey toward sustainable wellbeing.

When she is not working you can find her practicing yoga, walking the city, cooking, and frequenting farmer’s markets.


Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

Fashion Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Fine Arts

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