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Introducing the SECA mBCA 554

Welcome to the future of evidence-based weight loss and obesity care!

We have come a long way in our scientific understanding of overweight and obesity, and only tracking weight and BMI has become an outdated model.

The SECA medical body composition analyzer has become the new gold standard for monitoring safe evidence-based weight loss in an office setting, as it is validated to 97% accuracy for muscle mass against whole-body MRI, and 98% accuracy for fat mass against the 4C model (air displacement plethysmography, body mass, DEXA, and D20 deuterium dilution).

​We are thrilled to be able to offer SECA body comp testing in our DC office* in order to provide precision recommendations for our patients, and ensure optimal and healthy weight loss, with preservation of lean muscle mass.

Included in your SECA body comp testing report:

  • Fat mass index and %

  • Healthy fat % vs unhealthy fat % (visceral adipose)

  • Segmental skeletal muscle mass (arms, legs, torso) and %

  • Phase angle (cellular health, inflammation, water retention)

  • Water ratio

  • Resting and total body energy expenditure (metabolism or kcal per day)

Best of all, unlimited body comp testing is free/included as part of our member program**.


*Please note that currently we only have SECA in our DC office location. SECA will be rolled out to our other offices at a later date.

​​​​​​**Testing will require a medical appointment with a provider to review and assess results, of which there may be a standard insurance copay if required by your plan. However, for members there are no extra charges for the scan.​

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